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  1. Drug Induced Nutritional Deficiencies

    One of the most common side effects of medications is that they have the ability to rob you of essential nutrients. The diagram below lists several examples of some of the most common drug induced nutritional deficiencies. Credits:  Chart by Dr. Peter Osborne of the Gluten Free Society. Nutritional Deficiencies  

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  2. Science suggests that occasional fasting works

    The familiar definition of fasting is "a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. An absolute fast is normally defined as abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period, usually a period of 24 hours, or a number of days." Unsurprisingly, the mere thought of not consuming anything for a whole day is unappealing. Thus, the idea of intermittent fasting has gained traction in recent years and its efficacy has been demonstrated by a study led by Dr. Min Wei at the University of Southern California. He has given further respectability to the idea that forgoing the occasional meal can shift flab in tandem with desirous health benefits and life extension. Even restraining from e
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  3. Estrogen Dominance - Too much of a good thing?

    Estrogen dominance is a clinical phenomenon that may affect a women (or man) at any point during their life. Although estrogen is generally considered the main female sex hormone, there is such a thing as too much in women. Likewise, men do in fact require small amounts of estrogen – but they too can suffer from estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is more often an issue in women, so the focus of this article will be estrogen dominance in women. The term ‘estrogen dominance’ refers to when estrogen is in higher quantities than needed, and it’s usually higher in relation to the other sex hormones. A woman’s menstrual cycle is heavily dependent on four hormones: luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), estrogen and progesterone; a regular menstrual cycle depends on their balance and timely surges throughout the month. Having too much or too little of any of these can disrupt the normal cycles or lead to a number of signs and symptoms. This article focuses on estrog

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  4. Of Sound Mind - Strategies and Tactics for Protecting and Improving Brain Health.

    Two qualities of brain health that practically concern people are acuity and memory. Acuity relates to sharpness vs. fuzziness while memory concerns short and long term retention and recall. As an organ of the body the brain’s performance is a function of the nutrients and insults it is subjected to. Protecting and improving the operations of the brain involve three strategic considerations. You have to consciously think about these, make choices and act. Or not. Insults. Things that actively impair brain function. Things you stop doing. Dietary insults lead the way. A couch potato lifestyle and a pizza and soda diet are bad for the brain. Readers already know what they have to do in these regards. Pharmaceutical insults are something else. Many prescription drugs have deleterious effects on brain function. For example, statin drugs, like Lipitor are especially bad. Statins make you stupid as they say in the med biz. If you are t

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  5. For Your Information: Injection and IV Services by Naturopathic Doctors

    iv_by_naturopathsCONSUMERS MAY NOT BE AWARE that in Ontario Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) may provide injection and intravenous (IV) services to their patients. These are valuable treatment options that can be of great benefit to consumers as patients. NDs who offer injection services are required to undergo training and be specially certified. Around 20% of Ontario NDs are so certified and it is likely that only some of these offer extensive injection services as part of their practice. To find a qualified ND offering injection or IV services use the following link to the "Connect with and ND" web page at the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors. In the Areas of Focus
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  6. Estrogen Dominance: Not Just a Woman’s Predicament!


    WOULD IT SURPRISE YOU TO KNOW THAT THE HORMONE ESTROGEN, a which has a major impact on the female reproductive cycle, is also coursing through the male bloodstream too? While estrogen in the man’s body has an important role to play in cognitive function, blood clotting and emotional regulation, a lot of men have estrogen levels exceedingly high in relation to testosterone, a not so talked about imbalance known as estrogen dominance. Gynecomastia (male breasts), beer belly, impaired sex drive and even the development of certain cancers such as breast and prostate are characteristic outcomes of estrogen dominance and linger
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  7. Latest Advances in Mental Cognition Supplementation

    In recent years, consumer demand has exploded for products that will protect and increase healthy brain function and enhance mental acuity. Global industry surveys show that sales of key ingredients such as omega-3 oils, phospholipids, CoQ10 and ginkgo biloba have risen rapidly. Hundreds of new combination ingredient formulae are flooding the marketplace and many novel ingredients have been introduced. Clearly, consumers are concerned about their mental health and are looking to nutrition and supplementation for protection. mental_health_caption_1Well established ingredients such as ginkgo biloba and DHA-rich omega-3 fish oils are increasingly widely used. Sales of CoQ10 – which protects against dementia – nearly d

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  8. Natural Solutions for an Enlarged Prostate

    treatment-for-enlarged-prostateYou’re never too young to start paying attention: Prostate problems are incredibly common. To make these problems even worse, men are often unaware of their bodies, and few understand the risk factors or the signs associated with an enlarged prostate. Additionally, men are frequently reluctant to undergo prostate exams to screen for this problem. This is a serious issue, especially regarding prostate cancer, as studies show that men often present with advanced stages of the condition.[i]
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  9. Many Uses and Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

    honeyManuka honey is made from bees that feed from the flowers of New Zealand’s native Manuka bush. Manuka Honey contains a special antibacterial component known as methylglyoxal (MG). The content of MG is measured by its Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). The concentration of MG and the UMF rating vary per batch and are responsible for the changes in colour, viscosity and price. A rating of 10 UMF or higher is known as “UMF Manuka Honey” or “Active Manuka Honey.” Platinum Manuka Honey has the highest quantity of MG, followed by gold, silver, bronze and plain. Manuka Honey Blend contains Manuka honey and Rewarewa honey, which inhibits the growth of specific wound infecting species and contains more flavour. Manuka Honey has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory uses, both topically and internally. It can be used topically for wound h
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  10. Vitamin B12 is Effective for Detoxifying Environmental Pollutants

    Vitamin B12 is well known for its many health benefits but scientists at the University of Manchester have found this nutrient is additionally of great value lowering the toxicity of many noxious pollutants that humans are regularly exposed to. After many years a research team at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology have pinpointed how Vitamin B12 is valuable in neutralizing some of the worst toxins.

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