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AOR Ortho Minerals 210 v-caps

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  • Contains the best forms of minerals
  • Contains balanced doses
  • Important for all aspects of health

  • Contains the best forms of minerals
  • Contains balanced doses
  • Important for all aspects of health

Much-Needed Minerals
Minerals are an essential part of health, with roles in all cellular and biochemical aspects of the body. Minerals are as important as vitamins, and like vitamins, most people with North American diets have borderline deficiencies of these nutrients. Depletion of minerals is a main cause of poor health. Many minerals are recognized as essential, including zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Other minerals appear to be essential based on current research, including chromium, boron and silicon.
Required for Health
Minerals have important roles in every area of health. For instance, calcium and magnesium are essential for bone health and muscle function. Iodine is required for thyroid function. Zinc is essential for good immunity, and copper and zinc must be balanced. Potassium is essential for proper nerve function and helps regulate blood pressure. But trace minerals are just as important for good health in smaller quantities, and Ortho‚Minerals also provides evidence-based trace minerals.
Effective Forms and Balanced Doses
Many mineral formulations use excessive amounts of cheap mineral forms. However, ineffective forms are poorly absorbed and the wrong doses can be harmful. Ortho‚Minerals contains the best, most effective and most easily absorbed forms of minerals in balanced doses that are determined by the latest research. It also contains vitamin D3 to help with mineral metabolism.

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