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UNDA 7 20ml

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UNDA 7 BY UNDA Seroyal is a part of a brand of homeopathic remedies that use plant elements to carry certain metals to their respective organs for enzymatic functions. UNDA homeopathic drops are the only remedies made with both plant and metal components that help relieve symptoms of respiratory diseases.

UNDA 7 Benefits:

UNDA 7 allows for detoxification of the body via biotherapeutic drainage. UNDA 7 benefits the body in several other ways, including:

  • Detoxifying cells as well as organ systems such as the liver and kidneys
  • Balancing the hormonal system, the cardiovascular system and the nervous system
  • Boosting natural immunity

UNDA 7 side effects:

Som patients may experience headaches, fatigue, loose stools and/or increased urination, or muscle soreness. These symptoms are usually minimal if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle while taking UNDA 7.


Argentum metallicum, Cytisus scoparius Aerial Parts, Equisetum arvense Stem, Hieracium pilosella Aerial Parts, Juniperus communis Berry, Uva-ursi Leaf

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Brand UNDA
Age Group Unknown
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