Sovereign Silver Spray 59 ml

Sovereign silver is a band of colloidal silver, which has been in use since the late 1800s, and encompasses a wide range of silver products, many of which include proteins, salts, stabilizers and compounds which affect the the safety of silver. Sovereign colloidal silver represents the ultimate processing of silver.

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Benefits of Sovereign Silver:

Sovereign silver benefits the body through catalytic oxidation, when the silver binds with oxygen in the body and prevents it from binding with bacteria or viruses. Sovereign silver also Reacts with bacterial cell membranes, halting the cellular respiration process. It also binds with bacterial DNA and prevents DNA unwinding, which stops the bacteria from replicating.

Sovereign Silver Ingredients:

Medicinal Ingredient: Eash teaspoon (5ml) contains:
Non-Mecdicinal Ingredients: Ultra-pure water

How to use Sovereign Silver:

30 Sprays = 1 teaspoon
Adults: 30 sprays
Children 4 years & older 15 sprays

Sovereign Silver where to buy?

Sovereign Silver can be found at Nature’s Source, a website dedicated to bringing only the best quality natural health products on the market. Buy 2 Sovereign SIlver and save $10.00 plus free shipping!

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