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Innovite Red Yeast Rice - 300Mg 120 v/c

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  • Helps lower cholesterol naturally
  • Contains CoQ10(ubiquinol) and vitamin D3
  • Includes other natural cholesterol reducing ingredients including Phytosterols, soy-free Lecithin and Choline
  • Citrinin-free (Citrinin is kidney damaging toxin linked to some red yeast rice)
  • Excellent statin alternative (less side-effects than synthetic statins due to the lower required doses)
Powerful synergistic formula that includes other natural cholesterol reducing ingredients Phytosterols: Inhibits cholesterol absorption from the gut Soy-free Lecithin: Natural source of statins Choline: Balances LDL cholesterol Includes other cardiovascular support products: CoQ10 (ubiquinol): Improves cellular energy, especially in the heart Vitamin D: Improves cholesterol levels Additional antioxidants: Includes Vitamin C, which offers protection against free radical damage of LDL cholesterol Citrinin-free: Avoids kidney damaging toxin linked to some red yeast rice
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