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Vega Maca 180g

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      Balance, invigorate and energize with Vega Maca. Native Peruvians used maca for thousands of years as both a food and a tonic. They believed maca increased energy and stamina, improved fertility and enhanced libido.

      • Promote vitality
      • Contribute to a feeling of overall well-being
      • Maintain good health
      • Provide antioxidant support

      Also known as Peruvian ginseng, maca shows great potential as an adaptogen, according to foremost maca researchers; this adaptogenic potential may account for the balancing, energizing and stress-reducing effects reported by some maca users.

      Vega Maca is certified organic, traditionally grown and sustainably harvested in partnership with Peruvian farmers. A pure, premium whole maca root powder, Vega maca is gelatinized for optimum micronutrient absorption.

      Vega Maca is available in 90 g and 180 g powder, 60 and 120 count Vegicaps, and delicious Vega Maca chocolate bars.

      MacaSure uses only the finest organic Maca roots, traditionally grown in the high Andean highlands of Peru. The primary area of cultivation is the Junin plateau, 14,000 ft above sea level, towering high above the Amazon rainforest and nestled just below the glacial icecap of the Andes mountains.

      A unique whole Maca root extract, MacaSure is produced via a proprietary gelatinization process developed by researchers at the University National Agraria La Molina in Peru. Gelatinization removes the starch from Maca, thereby improving absorption and concentrating the active ingredients within. It also makes the Maca powder mix more easily into food and beverages and taste better as well.

      An environmentally responsible and fair-trade product, MacaSure features Organic Certification by the prestigious, internationally recognized Eco-Agency SKAL of the Netherlands. MacaSure is both farmed and processed using certified organic practices.

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