Brad King Starch & Fat Blocker 90c

* Prevents your body from absorbing over 50% of calories from most starches. * Binds to and safely blocks the uptake of approximately 30% of calories from fat. * Helps to prevent fat and excess sugars from entering the bloodstream. * Helps to regulate appetite by reducing carbohydrate and sugar cravings. * Helps to insure more fat is used for energy. * Provides extra antioxidant power to the diet. * Stimulates healthy digestion. * Lowers excess cholesterol levels.

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To truly lose excess body fat (not simply weight) and keep it off you're going to have to forgo diets in favour of some lifelong lifestyle changes that incorporate exercise (especially muscle-building exercise) with a sustained balance of high-quality protein, dietary fats, and low glycemic carbohydrates.

In the meantime, on days that you find it too difficult to follow a healthy dietary protocol or on designated cheat days you can at least stop some of the excess carbohydrate (starch) and fat calories from adding to your expanding fat cell accounts by supplementing with scientifically proven starch and fat blocking nutrients.

At any given time, one-quarter of men and one-third of women are either starting or finishing another fad diet. According to the National Centre for Health Statistics (Washington, D.C.) the problem is getting worse each year, growing at an alarming rate. When was the last time you tried to follow a stringent diet?

The problem is that none of them ever seem to work. In the short term, you may lose a few pounds, but over the long term only about 5% of dieters manage to keep off the lost weight. And the majority who don't are chagrined to find themselves fatter than they were before they started dieting. Obesity rates have tripled since our health experts warned us in the 1950s to lose weight by eating less fat and exercising more. In fact, despite all our diets, North Americans are getting fatter every year. And our doctors don't seem to have the answers. The "Ultimate" line of products have been designed using the latest research in nutritional science to bring you the highest quality and most effective nutrient combinations for targeting weight loss.

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