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Watch those excess pounds melt away and enjoy the many medicinal benefits of natural Japanese Green Tea which has no side effects.

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DōMatcha’s Ceremonial Organic is the purest and most sustainable way to enjoy the ancient Matcha tradition. With DōMatcha Ceremonial grade only the finest leaves are selected to guarantee the highest nutritional value, as well as a sweet and pleasant flavour.

(Makes about 25 servings.)

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100% authentic Japanese Tea
  • DoMatcha™ is 100% authentic Japanese matcha green tea now grown in the southwestern corner of Japan in Kagoshima.
  • DoMatcha™ green tea is shade-grown and only the finest and youngest top leaves are chosen. Immediately after harvesting, the leaves are carefully steamed to prevent the enzymes from oxidizing, they are then placed in specially designed facilities at zero degrees to keep them fresh all year round.

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